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About Dennis  

Dennis Maciasz has over 25 years experience providing businesses and individuals with various accounting needs.  These needs have ranged from the traditional tax services provided to individuals, to the challenges of liquidating a large corporation. They include anything from training a staff to become more efficient, restructuring accounting procedures, to simply have a small company understand QuickBooks. 

After serving as the controller of a successful Louisiana corporation with six locations and $23 million in annual revenue; Dennis began a “contract-controllership” service for several companies in the Baton Rouge area.  These corporations produced combined annual revenue of over $38 million. 

Dennis continues to lead the accounting duties of several of these companies and also works closely with developing companies. 

His degree in Education from LSU provides Dennis with the unique experience, temperament and knack to teach a company’s staff how to develop and maintain a strong accounting system and department.  Hi is also experienced in several software systems including: QuickBooks, MAS90, Accu-Tech and Peachtree. 

Highlights of several projects are as follows:

  • Developed inventory accounting procedures for a company with a $4 million dollar inventory housed in six locations.  The procedures allowed them to count and verify the inventory during one weekend. 
  • Administered a $4 million dollar profit sharing and retirement plan.  Corroborated with a pension attorney to bring the plan back into compliance with IRS regulations.
  • Lead accountant in negotiating with IRS to resolve a $1.8 million tax liability with a $10,000 settlement.
  • Was able to get local tax collector to re-audit improper tax assessment and return to the company 100% of the prior assessment.
  • Reviewed the insurance cost of one company, and was able to reduce the cost by 30% and save $30,000 per year.
  • My experience in administering retirement plans has contributed in assisting several companies to now offer qualified retirement plans to their owners and employees.
  • Referred to several companies to restructure its accounting procedures and train its employees when converting to a different accounting software program.
  • Wrote several business plans that garnered funds from venture capitalist for expansion and business development

Dennis’ service to his clients is more than just debits, credits and tax returns.  He is personable, accommodating and detail-oriented.  Dennis specializes in creating customized, personable solutions to meet any accounting need. 

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